Education Committee: This group is in charge of reviewing teacher applications, setting up the class schedule for the next year, and looking for the new venues for classes.  Committee Chair:

Events Committee: This group is in charge of events, golf outings, convention planning, tradeshow and any other events that come up in a given year as directed by the Board.   Committee Chair:

Awards Committee: This group will be in charge of reviewing the applications for awards that we promote in a given year.  Committee Chair:

Membership/Industry Partner Committee:  This group works to get new and renewed members and sponsors.  Also has a say in the pricing for both as well as new benefits to offer both groups. 
Committee Chair:

Legislation/By-Laws Committee: This group reviews the by-laws on a yearly base to see if any changes need to be made. They also aide the Lobbyist as to how the association would liket o see direction on Capitol Hill.  This is a very powerful group because they work with the Senators and Representatives to protect your Business. Some Federal work required.   Committee Chair:

Contact Director to get on a committee. As far as a time commitment you are looking at an hour or two a month, part of which is a conference call or face to face depending on the meeting. We hope that you will want to get involved in the Association that works to protect your business. 



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